Home Remedy For Adult Acne

We often think of teenagers as pimply-faced individuals obsessed with members of the opposite sex. However, you may not realize that acne can affect people of all ages. If you are suffering from acne even though your high school prom happened so long ago it is a mere fleeting memory, take comfort. We will discuss more than one home remedy for adult acne.

If your face breaks out and provides you with a cruel reminder of your teenage years, you can try washing your face with sugar. Yes, you can use the substance for more than sweetening your coffee or tea. The sugary crystals are rough and help to remove the dead skin on your face which will open clogged pores and eliminate the oils that can cause acne. You should pour granulated sugar into a wet hand and then rub the sugar on the problem areas with very warm water. Continue rubbing your face for 4 to 5 minutes before rinsing your face with warm then cold water which will open your pores even more.

Another home method some people use to combat adult acne is washing their face with apple cider vinegar. The healing properties of this liquid are widely known, but you may not have thought to try it on your face. You can apply it all over your face with a cotton pad. Although the vinegar may sting a little when first applied, it will normally dry up your pimples in a relatively short period of time.

If neither of the above methods works, you can try mixing sugar, lemon juice, tomato juice and water. Try combining a teaspoon of lemon juice with a handful of sugar and enough water to form a paste. Once you have finished massaging the mixture on your face, rinse the paste off with warm water. You can then cover your face with ½ a tomato, leave the juice on for approximately 15 minutes and finally rinse off with cold water. This method shouldn’t be used if you have very sensitive skin and it may cause the skin to sting slightly. However, the acidity of the lemon juice and tomato will loosen your pores while the sugar removes dead skin. You are advised not to use this treatment on an occasional basis when needed, rather than daily.

As you can see, many of the common ingredients in your kitchen will you combat adult acne. Try washing your face with sugar or apple cider vinegar. If you need a little stronger treatment, mix sugar, lemon juice, water and tomato juice. You will have very little to lose and a clear face to gain!

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